About me, Boriana Pandova

This is me - Boriana Pandova!

I am a visual artist, based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I started my education at the very end of 20th sentury as a student in the Theater Department of New Bulgarian University in Sofia and eded up as a photographer in the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts.

My professional life (as a photographer !?) has always been bonded to video, theatre and socially engaged projects.

The last few years I am collaborating with IVAN ASEN 22 – a platform for of contemporary fashion design, with whom we create fashion videos, which gained their recognition trough international film festivals.

We won the Experimental fashion film award at Fashion Film Festival Chicago and we’ve been nominated for Best Direction at CANIFFF California International Fashion Film Festival; Best Fashion and Best Editing at La Jolla International fashion Film Awards, San Diego; as well as for Best Experimental at Bucharest Cineast.

Black and white portraits, short videos and documentaries are my passion.
…and I love iPhone photography.

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