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XXSofia Fashion video

2016 Festivals — official selections, screenings and Awards:
— MFFF – Mexico Fashion Film Festival
— Sofia Film Fest
— DesArts/DesCinés Video Dance Competition St.Etienne
— Modepalast – Ried & Vienna
— B3F-Balkan Film & Food Festival – Pogradec, Albania
— CCDC – Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival Hong Kong
— Barcelona Planet Film Festival
— Fashion Film Festival Chicago &nash; Experimental Fashion Film Award Winner
XXSofia explores the urban Space of Sofia with the means of conceptual Fashion in movement and sound. Could a garment project the city Space to an intimate size, close to the body, which can be experienced with our senses? What kind of Space are Sofia and our memories, linked with this city: is it an exterior or an interior? A home? Or is Sofia maybe an unconscious emotional Space where we live in our thoughts, no matter where we found ourselves geographically? A Space on the edge, a place in‐between, an intersection, a starting point or a fluid transition between different Spaces? The video is part of the XXSofia Fashion installation, elaborated for the exhibition series Situation Sofia of Goethe–Institute Bulgaria. The conceptual Fashion is realised by designers from the team of Ivan Asen 22 conceptual designers' platform.
curator: Neli Miteva
Fashion designers: Stanislava Dimitrova & Antoniya Raycheva, Alexander Gerginov, Georgi Florov, Neli Miteva, Igor Ilijovski, Dilyana Ivanova
video: Boryana Pandova
featuring: Lorina Kamburova
hair and makeup: Alina Manova
music: Twisted Keyborg with the voice of Elina K.
supported by Goethe–Institute Bulgaria
copyright 2016 by Ivan Asen 22

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